Tuesday, 13 April 2010


If you want to revise all the grammar points, go here. For more explanations and exercises on the Present Continuous, visit the Present Continuous Guy here. Then you can do these exercises: affirmatives, negativesquestions. You can also listen to the Present Continuous in this song:

Then watch some examples that the Simpsons give you and play this listening game and identify the families they describe.

Present simple vs. present continuous. Remember the different uses:
  • habits : Santos always talks about his family
  • routines (watch this video to remember) Mick goes to class every day
  • states: Paul has red hair
  • (temporary) activities happening now The kids are watching TV. 
  • activities happening around now, and not necessarily this very moment: Sally is studying really hard for her exams this week.
Let's see if you can tell the difference between both tenses! Do these exercises, or these ones. Can you complete this text using the appropriate form?

Let's now revise the VOCABULARY on flats and houses. You can practise the pronunciation here and also some common verb phrases.

Last but not least, you can practise asking for directions. Look at the map here and listen; choose True/False. If you want to learn some "travel survival sentences", click here.